Stinto Groups

Event facilitation, and relationship building, made simple. No more excel – just group them!

Event agencies

Enjoy the benefits of centralized communication and networking before, during and after the event.

Commercial teams

Run national and international sales meetings, marketing kick-offs, and event management.

Business networks

Centralise and simplify both  coordination and communication within your business network group.

Educational groups

Stay in touch with your classmates during and after summer school and executive education.

Social groups

Arrange the Christmas party, the company golf day, the football trip, or the yearly weekend with the girls.

Service delivery teams

Manage key account relationships, deliver a complex project, or maintain service levels.

There are lots of ways to use Stinto groups

  • Gather your biggest clients’ most important contacts in a key account group for easy access.
  • Consulting agencies arranging events to engage with their clients and potential customers on particular subject matters.
  • Trade organizations whose members are interested in specific topics that can be shared in groups.
  • Enterprise-based groups such as steering committees, management networks, etc.
  • HR managers and partners can chat, engage and share files directly with a specific group of employees (i.e. trainees, seasonal workers, managers, etc.) instead of static emailing.
  • Workgroups or peer to peer groups within organizations.
  • A business network that shares a common interest outside of office hours: cycling, running, etc.
  • Speakers on stage who want to connect with their audience and for instance gather marketing consent to send them newsletters and marketing material.
  • If in case of a cyberattack or system crash, use a group to gain uncompromisable access to the right people needed to solve the situation without being dependent on emails, servers, or intranet.
  • Alumni groups for old college graduates.
  • Managing your kids’ soccer team or other recreational activities.

The compliant solution for sharing attendee lists at any event

Let Stinto manage your contacts, so you can manage your event





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