Investing in Stinto

This is a unique opportunity to participate in exclusive crowdfunding, which is a key component of Stinto’s commercial strategy. We are aiming to bring together a large group of energetic and dedicated investors, who are committed to supporting the growth of Stinto.


Explore our investor program, and decide if you want to be a part of the journey from small danish start-up to global standard!


The new order of business

Stinto is a Danish start-up founded in 2016, specialized in developing a cutting-edge, enterprise-grade contact management platform.

Start by watching this quick introduction video about the Stinto Crowdfunding.


The contact management platform is designed to help companies and people connect, manage, and update their most valuable business contacts. The solution can be used by companies of all sizes; however, the primary use case is medium-to-large sized B2B companies, that suffer from customer master data quality issues.

Become a part of the Stinto investor program:

Raised (so far) dkr. 15.000.000

Join other business angels, investors, and senior industry leaders in scaling Stinto.

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Everything you need to know about Stinto!

Join Stinto co-founder’s Stuart Wynn and Kåre Sand for a run-through of the pitch deck.

Each video contains various aspects of the business and investment opportunity that will provide you with the insights you need in order to invest in Stinto.

Reward scheme for active investors


If you would like to invest in Stinto and become part of this journey, please contact Kåre Sand on ks@stinto.com by no later than the 15th of June.

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