Get your company contacts updated.

Automatically. In real-time.

Stinto is the SMART way to connect and stay connected. Easy access to all contacts in one place, advanced features for cleansing and managing contact data and smart tools for engaging your most valuable business relations – while remaining GDPR compliant.


Features and benefits

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Automated GDPR compliance

Connect through Stinto and be GDPR compliant.

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Marketing consent

Gather marketing consent when exchanging contact details on Stinto.

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Access to your relationships

Empower employees with a tool for sharing their valuable business contacts.

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Connect with colleagues or event participants to stay in touch as a group.

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Verified cards

Avoid misrepresentation by ensuring you have verified contact data.

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Digital contacts

Eliminate time-consuming manual updates, errors and migrate to live data.

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Platform flexibility

Access Stinto from from all platforms and devices.

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Real-time notifications

Stay ahead of developments as contact data is updated in real-time.

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Sustainable solution

Support sustainability initiatives related to the environment and data policy.

How Stinto works for your organization.

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Chief Data Officer

See how Stinto works for not just these but all your key stakeholders.


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Chief Information Officer

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Chief Commercial Officer

Frequently asked questions

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