Stinto is a win for the entire organization

Automate contact handling within and across departments, to give knowledge workers seamless access to compliant data all the time.

Chief Commercial Officer

(Sales, Service Delivery Customer Success)                                                                                                                      


  • Continual access to all business-critical commercial relationships
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Improved master data quality
  • Safeguard important commercial contacts when employees leave the company

Chief Marketing Officer

(Marketing, Branding, Communications)                                                                                                                            


  • Gather and manage marketing consent from key stakeholders
  • Strengthen corporate brand image
  • Increase traffic to corporate social media sites
  • Support small scale events and request contact via Stinto Groups
  • Increased campaign effectiveness

Chief Information Officer

(Digitalisation, Technology, Enterprise applications, Implementation)


  • Digital alternative to an analog process
  • Provides a dynamic, real-time, and fully automated flow of data into your internal enterprise systems
  • Open API for easy integration
  • A digital quick win completed in 30 days, with a limited use of resources

Chief Data Officer

(Data quality, GDPR, data protection, compliance)                                                                                                         


  • Promotes GDPR compliance across the entire organization – where you currently are not
  • Avoid misrepresentation of employee data on social media channels our of company control
  • Military-grade data security housed in AWS
  • Data is never sold and remains the property of the

Chief People Officer

(Employee master data, employee empowerment, and tools)                                                                                      


  • Fast, efficient way to update ever-changing employee contact details with the outside world
  • Tool to empower employees to share data and relationships
  • Automate employee master data
  • Ensure verified employee identities
  • Avoid employee misrepresentation

Chief Sustainability Officer

(CSR, Environmental strategy and initiatives, Carbon footprint) 


  • Remove printed business cards
  • Supports an initiative to “Go Paperless”
  • 10% of the money paid to Stinto is donated to WWF’s forest regeneration program on your behalf
  • Sends a clear message about your focus on sustainability to all employees and external contacts

One workflow – lots of benefits

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Automated GDPR compliance

Connect through Stinto and be GDPR compliant.

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Marketing consent

Gather marketing consent when exchanging contact details on Stinto.

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Access to your relationships

Empower employees with a tool for sharing their valuable business contacts.

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Platform flexibility

Access Stinto from all platforms and devices.

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Real-time notifications

Stay ahead of developments as contact data is updated in real-time.

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Sustainable solution

Support sustainability initiatives related to the environment and data policy.

Empower your employees with compliant contact data today




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