Connecting in a virtual world

Connecting in a virtual world

29. October - 2020

How to keep up with the explosion of new contacts in the COVID Virtual World

After the world got hit by COVID-19 the number of virtual meetings has increased dramatically. In December 2019 Zoom had 10 million video participants on meetings on a daily basis. And now, this has in September 2020 increased to more than 300 million participants per day just on Zoom! This has dramatically increased the number of people that we engage with, and with people that we have never meet in person before, and thus never exchanged contact data or business cards with.

The explosion of new contacts has given each of us a big headache: “How to administer all these contacts in a prober and compliant way”. Best case, you enter the contact data in your CRM system, but then you are not GDPR compliant as you most likely have not received acceptance from you contact. And since 1/3 of the general workforce changes job every year your contact data may soon be outdated. 

So how do you ensure your contact data is automatically updated and GDPR compliant at the same time? 

The answer is the Stinto Contact Management platform.  When connecting on Stinto you receive a digital business card which you can exchange with all your contacts in the virtual world, and at the same time get their acceptance for you to keep their contact data in your CRM system. When the person one day in the near future gets a new job, new role, new phone number etc. you are immediately notified on your Stinto App and in your CRM-system.

So, in the future, when you have virtual meetings you just send your Stinto digital business card and after connecting you have the contact data at your fingertip on the Stinto app.

Contact Stinto at sales@stinto.com

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