February 2019 Product Update

February 2019 Product Update

28. February - 2019

With two months of the year already gone we are running at full speed to bring our customers and users more cool new features. Here is an overview of what we released in February

CRM attributes

Stinto now allows companies to pre-define “attributes” that their employees must add to contacts when sharing with CRM. These attributes can be for business or technical purposes. The value of the attribute is a free text field, however, pre-defined values can be enforced if the company wishes. The attributes are added as meta-data to the contacts, and can be imported in the integration to CRM.  

Notes field

Stinto now offers a notes field as standard. Users can add an unlimited number of notes about their contacts. These notes are also visible to the company if the contact is shared with CRM. If multiple employees are connected, and have notes, about the same contact, the notes simple accumulate

Data source badges

To support our relentless focus on data quality, Stinto has now introduced data source “badges” that allow a user to know where the contact data came from. Currently, there are three main badges

  • Verified card badge: the contact comes from a verified company account on Stinto
  • Non-verified card badge: the contact comes from a “free” Stinto app-user
  • Manual contact card badge: the contact has been created by the user themselves. This type of contact can some from the business card scanner, a phone import, or by manually entering the contact

We hope that our customers and users will get great value and usage from these features!

Over the next month, we will start focusing on three key functionalities that we are really excited about: Pending list, Duplicate handling and Push-notifications. We look forward to telling more about these coming features next month!

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