Happy New Year from Stinto

Happy New Year from Stinto

30. December - 2020

Stinto is all about convenience and quality. We make it easy for people to stay connected and we make it easy for companies to keep data current, with a focus on quality, not quantity. As the new year approaches, Stinto has a clear ambition. We want to

  • Enable individuals to build and sustain their network, throughout their career and in private life.
  • Help companies achieve (better) ROI on their significant investments in CRM and other systems.
  • Deliver our small contribution to the fight against climate change, by eliminating the harmful practice of using printed business cards (6 million trees annually). 

Imagine a world where all your valuable contact data for employees, customers, suppliers, and other business partners is…

– updated automatically when something changes. No more “Dear network, I have a new job and here is my new phone and email….” that you don’t update anyway

– reusable and runs on renewable energy (no waste of trees, water, chemicals, energy, and physical transportation that printed, disposable cards constitute) 

– yours! and not sold to any 3rd parties for ad targeting or other uses.

This (and more) is what Stinto is all about. 

“Succeeding in business is all about making connections”

Richard Branson

Fortunately, a number of companies have already chosen a smarter way to connect. In the weeks ahead we will be highlighting some of Stinto’s customers – and explore why this has been an easy decision for them to make.

As we leave 2020 behind, we wish to thank not just our customers and users, but everyone who has helped, supported, and challenged us during the year. And as we enter 2021, we hope many more will join us as we continue our journey to build a “responsible technology” business.

Let’s make 2021 the year of talking less and acting more!

The Stinto Team

Simpler. Smarter. Greener.

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