January 2019 Product Update

January 2019 Product Update

31. January - 2019

2019 is now well underway, and we’re determined to make this year even better for our customers than the last one. Over the next few months, you will see many new and exciting feature launched, and a number of key enhancement to Stinto making our solution the number one contact management platform!

Here’s a recap of what we shipped this month to bring us one step closer to that goal.

Business card scanner

Stinto now has a fully integrated business card scanner. The scanner scans in 22 languages, and returns results on six primary fields: first name, last name, company name, title, telephone number and email. From the business card scanner, it is also possible to trigger an onboarding to the scanned card holder.

Sync with your phone

You can quickly and easily import all the contacts on your mobile device into Stinto, meaning that you never need to use the contact list on your mobile device again. Obviously all the contacts will be “manual” contact, and we of course recommend bringing your most valuable contacts onto Stinto as live users, so you always have up to date contact details.   

Marketing consent

Finally this month, Stinto has released the first version of a product feature that we believe will be extremely important in the future. When exchanging contact details with other Stinto users, it is now possible to gather consent to send direct marketing. This is a unique feature that we think can have a big impact on the scope, and ultimately impact, of marketing campaigns. 

Over and above that – we are really excited from a product perspective as we move into February, not only because we will continue to work hard to bring you new features, but also because we are supporting a growing number of users, that are providing great real life feature requests and enhancements that help us to evolve out product in live with user needs. 

The Stinto team!

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