March 2019 Product Update

March 2019 Product Update

29. March - 2019

Another big month of development at Stinto that has bought some big, but essential changes to our product. Here is an overview of what we released in March:

Pending list

Stinto is now easier than ever to manage your inbound connections. When receiving cards from your contacts, they will now appear in a “pending” list, under “My contacts”. From here, you can “accept” or “decline” the card. Not only does this feature increase transparency in relation to receiving new cards, but it also paves the way for other important features being released this month, including: “find duplicates”, “introductions”, “shout-out” and “reassignment”

Push notifications

Stinto now also supports push notifications right to the front screen on your mobile device. The latest release of Stinto was developed to handle three push notifications: “Card received”, “Contact details changed” and “My card was forwarded”. This feature will deliver more immediate awareness of the activities occurring on the Stinto network to our users  

GDPR compliance for non-users

Stinto already ensures GDPR compliance when sharing contacts with your company’s CRM between Stinto users, and now, we have gone one step further and have enabled the same level of compliance for non-Stinto users. Now, when sharing the contact card of a non-Stinto user (manual connection) with your company’s CRM, the contact will receive an SMS or email notification, making them aware that their personal data is now being stored in your company’s CRM, and providing a link to your company’s GDPR privacy policy. 

Improved flow for non-users

Finally this month, we have been working hard to optimise the experience when receiving a Stinto card as a non-Stinto user. This is in order to ensure that contact details are shared quickly and efficiently to non-users, and in an attempt to convert them to Stinto users as quickly as possible

Over the next month, we will start focusing on more new functionalities, including: a completely new onboarding tutorial, a fully automated email onboarding campaign for enterprise users, call identification when Stinto users are calling, easier sharing with CRM and much, much more!

As always, we are really excited about the time ahead, and look forward to bringing you great new features in the coming month!

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