9. September - 2020

Stinto is proud to announce that Ann Rosenberg, who has previously been with the international IT giant SAP, is appointed new CEO as of September 1st, 2020.

Ann brings a wealth of experience from previous roles, such as Senior VP of UN Partnerships at SAP, Mentor at Soho House, Purpose, Sustainability, and Public Affairs Expert, and Bill & Melinda Gates foundation Goalkeeper 2018. The Board of Directors has hired Ann Rosenberg as the new CEO to lead Stinto in the process of expanding internationally. Ann Rosenberg is based in New York and has more than 20 years of international experience from the IT giant SAP.

Start-ups in high demand

“I am happy and proud to be part of Stinto, which in its soul and DNA embodies all the principles of sustainability that I have worked for many years to spread in the global startup environment in collaboration with the UN. Stinto belongs to the growing group of startups who think purpose and sustainability into the business itself. This segment of sustainable tech startups is currently in high demand among investors in Silicon Valley and New York”, says Ann Rosenberg.

Ready to accelerate

With Ann on board as CEO, Stinto will accelerate its effort to become a sustainable technology start-up that helps companies of all sizes combine data privacy, compliance, improved master data quality, and sustainability with one simple, and easy to integrate SaaS product.

Ann Rosenberg has set out to challenge and support companies in being more strategic, and transformative in how they run their businesses to deliver on the 2030 Agenda and build on the ESG framework. With Purpose and Sustainability being so central to the Stinto value proposition, we could not think of anyone better to lead that effort than Ann, and we look forward to working together with“, says Kåre Sand, Co-founder, and Chairman at Stinto.

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