November 2018 Product Update

November 2018 Product Update

30. November - 2018

The last two months have been extremely busy here at Stinto. We have finally released the enterprise grade version of the solution to the Apple App Store for IOS, a followed immediately up with a bunch of new features, product updates and enhancements to make sharing and exchanging contact details even better for our users and customers alike. 

Create both verified and non-verified cards

It is now possible to create as many cards as you require to support your busy life. Fundamentally, two different types of cards exist. “Verified cards” are issued from a company account on Stinto, and act as verification that the person is who they say they are. “Personal cards” (non-verified) can be created by any Stinto user, free of charge.  

Share with CRM

As you share your card with both Stinto and non-Stinto users, you can now share your contacts with your companies CRM, seamlessly and painlessly. Simply click the “Add to CRM” button on each of your contacts cards to share. You can also “unshare” again just as easily, should the contact no longer be relevant for CRM

See who has your card and retract

After sharing your card, Stinto can always show you a list of those people who currently have your card, and allow you to retract your card from them again should you wish. This means that you always have 100% control over who does, and does not have your contact details

Activity feed and GDPR compliance

Stinto also offers its users an activity feed to allow you to stay on top of changes within your network. The activity feed is also important for supporting GDPR compliance. Anytime you share a contact with CRM, a GDPR notification is triggered to the contact, meaning that you and your company remain GDPR compliant

Stay tuned – we have a hugh pipeline of feature releases and enhancements planned for the coming months, and we look forward to bringing our users cooler and cooler features

The Stinto team!

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