Stay connected in times of change…

Stay connected in times of change…

16. March - 2020

In times of crisis, it is always encouraging and inspiring to see how individuals rise to the occasion, help others and embrace and adapt rapidly to change. Certainly, we will emerge wiser and stronger from the current crisis as well.

The coming weeks and months may prove a good time to rethink old habits and prepare for a time when more normal business patterns resume. Perhaps some “spring cleaning” of your contacts, to make sure they are – and stay – up-to-date?

Take the (not so scientific) test below to see if STINTO might be relevant for your business. At the very least, it can hopefully bring a smile to your face 🙂

If you can answer TRUE to all the statements below, then please get in touch on info@stinto.com to hear more about our business solution.

Statement #1

– “Digital is probably here to stay“.

And I suspect a digital card that can seamlessly integrate with HR, CRM, SRM, and other systems, may offer more value than a paper-based solution invented several centuries ago.

Statement #2

– “Sustainability matters and everything counts, including the quick-wins.

It makes sense to have a “zero waste” digital card that can be instantly updated and recycled. It is really a waste of money and resources that so many cards (in the billions on an annual basis) just get thrown away because a phone no, title, address, logo or something else changes.

Statement #3

– “Bottom line cost savings are nice.

If offered the same cost or lower, I choose the solution that is massively superior to my current way of working. Full stop.

Statement #4

– “Branding & marketing matters.

In our first meeting with new customers and other external contacts, I think it would be more consistent with our brand image to present ourselves as digital and dynamic, rather than last millennium and static. Oh, and it would be great if we could eliminate those 20%+ bounce rates on all our campaign activities, because the quality of our master contact data is poor.

Statement #5

– “We really don’t need more big projects right now.

But it would be great if I could have my printed cards converted to digital cards for ALL employees in no more than 14 days, with a minimum of time required on our side.

Statement #6

– “Full automation beats trying to keep up with changes by manually typing them into multiple systems.

I like the idea that data only has to be updated once, at the source, and will then automatically be updated everywhere else. It would also be nice to get rid of all those outdated contacts I still have on my phone and can’t seem to get around to cleaning up. And if I am honest, I never really do anything with those “Dear LinkedIn network, I have a new ….” messages. I just can’t keep up with it.

Statement #7

– “Proper data protection is vital.

I wouldn’t mind a solution where GDPR compliance is automated. Not to mention having full control over who has what cards, and being able to retract them if needed. I also believe my data is my data and should not be exploited, shared with or sold to any 3rd parties. Ever.

Statement #8

– “The added value is always nice.

And I really like those products and services where you realize over time that there are several added benefits you didn’t even know about (or pay for)!

Statement #9

– “Generally, I like making smart decisions.”

And if I could choose between modern, smarter, safer, sustainable AND lower total cost versus old-school, static, wasteful, risk-prone AND expensive…I would probably go for the former.


Statement #10

– “Given my response to the statements above, particularly #9, I am really out of excuses, and will get in touch with STINTO now.”

Stay safe and take care of each other!




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