Summer/product update

Summer/product update

12. July - 2019

It has been a couple of months since our last product update, but rest assured, the Stinto team has been working hard to deliver a number of new and cool developments and features that we are really proud of. Here is an overview of what we have delivered in the last two months:


Many people have been requesting an Android version of Stinto and now it’s here. Available in the Google Play Store.

Stinto on web

Our frontend developers have been crunching hard to release the first ever web-based version of Stinto. Check it out on web.stinto.com!


We have released our new and requested Groups functionality. Now Stinto users can create groups with their existing Stinto contacts to share group members contact details.  We have big plans for this functionality in the coming months, which will include the ability to create public and private groups, communication via the group message board, and the ability to invite non-Stinto users to groups. We are very excited about the possibilities to bring more value to our users via this functionality.


Stinto has made sharing contact details even easier, via the availability of personal QR codes. To send your contact details in an instant, simply generate your personal QR code and hold it in front of the receiving party’s camera. The QR code will automatically transfer your contact details to the pending list of the receiving party. It can not be easier!

Call identification

Finally for this update, a small feature that brings big value to our users. Stinto can now identify inbound calls coming from your Stinto contacts. This really kills the final excuse for using a traditional IOS or Android phone book, compared to Stinto.   
We sincerely hope that our users enjoy these new features, and as always we would love to hear any and all feedback on support@stinto.com.

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