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Post summer product update

As most people are starting to slide into summer holiday more, the Stinto team continues to work on delivering some massive new functionality that will be available after summer. We can’t wait to show you what we have been working […]

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Summer/product update

It has been a couple of months since our last product update, but rest assured, the Stinto team has been working hard to deliver a number of new and cool developments and features that we are really proud of. Here […]

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March 2019 Product Update

Another big month of development at Stinto that has bought some big, but essential changes to our product. Here is an overview of what we released in March: Pending list Stinto is now easier than ever to manage your inbound […]

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February 2019 Product Update

With two months of the year already gone we are running at full speed to bring our customers and users more cool new features. Here is an overview of what we released in February CRM attributes Stinto now allows companies […]

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January 2019 Product Update

2019 is now well underway, and we’re determined to make this year even better for our customers than the last one. Over the next few months, you will see many new and exciting feature launched, and a number of key […]

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November 2018 Product Update

The last two months have been extremely busy here at Stinto. We have finally released the enterprise grade version of the solution to the Apple App Store for IOS, a followed immediately up with a bunch of new features, product […]

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